Privacy policy

What information is gathered and how it is used by the FCAG website?

This depends on which of the two areas you are using

Public Area

No information on personal data is kept. We do not use cookies for collecting user information and do not collect any information about you except that required for system administration of our web server.

Club member Area

Membership information is held on a website hosted by a commercial web hosting company. The database is password protected and passwords are encrypted. Historical back-ups of information are held by the membership secretary as spreadsheets on a personal computer.

The personal information held includes

  • Name, sex, address and date of birth.
  • Telephone numbers and email addresses.
  • Self declared health information and emergency contacts.
  • Self declared qualifications.
  • Other administrative details are also held.

Paper membership application forms are destroyed after information has been added to the website.

Membership information, with the exception of health information, is passed to the Scottish Canoe Association (SCA). This is required for insurance purposes. The SCA has its own data protection policy, and this permits information to be passed to some third parties. The club does not pass information to any other parties.

Personal information is available to the executive members of the club, and to coaches and leaders. Coaches and leaders may download this information to mobile devices, or print it, so that it is available during club activities. It may be stored in cloud storage.

Email communication to groups of members is either by individual messages or by Blind Carbon Copy messages.

Responsibilities of club executive members, coaches and leaders

The club website should normally only be accessed via a personal computer or mobile device that is password protected. If it is necessary (e.g. an urgent need to gain emergency information) to access the website from a shared device, it is important that the Remember me tick box on log in is unchecked, and to ensure that the computer has not stored your password.

Member information which has been emailed to you should only be stored on a personal password protected device.

Printed information for use during club events must be stored on your person or in a locked container.

Responsibilities of club members generally

Club members should ensure that their personal information is correct and up to date. Even if you have declared health information on your application, it is your responsibility to make sure that an event coach or leader knows of any relevant health issues.

Some members choose to make their contact details available on the club website. You must not share this information without consent from that person.

The club strongly suggests that you read the SCA data processing statement here.

Website Management

The FCAG website uses session cookies. Cookies are also used for the Remember me function when logging in. FCAG may track user traffic and usage patterns throughout the site, but this information is not correlated with data about individual users. FCAG may also break down statistics to analyse the domain name and browser type of visitors to the site. This information is used to ensure that the website and its content is meeting the needs and the interests of the majority of visitors.